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Oral Surgery – Lakeway, TX

Effective Surgical Dentistry Solutions

Sometimes, whether due to dental decay or an accident, the best thing we can do for a patient is simply remove a troubled tooth. At Eaddy Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, PLLC, an extraction is always a last resort, but if one is needed, we’ll do it in the best way possible. An expert touch and local anesthesia will ensure that a patient remains comfortable the entire time, and when necessary, we’ll quickly get to work helping them choose a replacement so they don’t have to go with an incomplete set of teeth. Keep reading to learn more about oral surgery in Lakeway, TX.

Tooth Extractions

Metal clasp holding extracted tooth

We typically only extract a tooth after we have exhausted all other options and it is in the best interest of a person’s oral and overall health. We may need to remove a tooth if:

  • It is too damaged/decayed to be restored
  • Gum disease has damaged the supporting bone
  • It won’t fall out naturally (if it’s a baby tooth)
  • Room needs to be created for a denture and/or orthodontic treatment

Should you ever need an extraction, your dentist will use an expert touch and local anesthesia to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed the entire time.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

X-rays and models of wisdom teeth to be extracted

The wisdom teeth are actually the more colloquial name for the third set of molars that start to erupt during the late teen/early 20’s. Unfortunately for the vast majority of people, there’s just not enough space in the mouth to accommodate these teeth. This can lead to all kinds of problems, including jaw pain, teeth crowding, and even an infection. That’s why they so often need to be removed, and at Eaddy Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, PLLC, we can take care of this for you right here in Lakeway so you don’t have to go visit an outside specialist.

Learn More About Wisdom Teeth Extractions