Busting 3 Common Myths About Sedation Dentistry

Busting 3 Common Myths About Sedation Dentistry

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends everyone has a cleaning and checkup every 6 months; however, 46% of adults don’t see a dentist as often as they should. People delay appointments for various reasons, but dental-related fear is a leading culprit. If your palms sweat at just the thought of calling your dentist, you’re not alone. 24% of people around the world live with dental-related anxieties. Unfortunately, skipping routine appointments opens the door to several oral health problems, like cavities and gum disease. You can conquer your fear with sedation dentistry. Despite various rumors, it is safe and effective. Here’s the truth about 3 common dental sedation myths in Lakeway to make the best decision for your smile.

Myth 1: Sedation is only used for surgical procedures.

Fact: It’s true sedation dentistry is recommended for patients needing multiple or complex procedures, but it can benefit many other situations, too. There are many types of sedation to cater to your specific needs, like nitrous oxide. It is typically reserved for patients who need a little extra help to relax in the dental chair while oral conscious and IV sedation are used for more serious cases, like dental implant placement. Your dentist in Lakeway will determine which will meet your needs to help you sit back and relax during your appointment.

Myth 2: Sedation dentistry isn’t safe.

Fact: You’ve likely heard about complications while under dental sedation, but there’s no reason to be alarmed. News outlets often omit key information, like pre-existing conditions causing the issues. Contrary to what you might have heard, sedation dentistry is safe when administered by a trained dental professional and used on the ideal candidates. Not everyone can use sedation, such as pregnant women or those with specific health concerns, like angina. Your dentist will learn more about your medical history and lifestyle to ensure dental sedation is right for you. Generally, nitrous oxide is the safest, but you’ll be monitored closely to intervene at any sign of a problem, no matter the type used.

Myth 3: Sedation dentistry puts you to sleep.

Fact: Nitrous oxide and oral conscious do not “put you to sleep.” You’ll reach a deep level of relaxation, so don’t be surprised if you doze off for a quick nap; however, you will not be unconscious. You can be awakened easily and respond to the dentist’s cues, but you won’t experience any pain or discomfort. IV sedation is an exception. It will temporarily alter your consciousness.

Overcome Your Dental Fears

Whether you’re worried about pain or the sounds of the office, you don’t need to avoid your dentist any longer. You can get the care your smile deserves using dental sedation that’s tailored to your needs.

About Dr. Daniel Eaddy

Dr. Eaddy earned his dental degree from The University of Texas Health Science Center before continuing his training in sedation dentistry. He understands every patient’s situation is unique. If you’re interested in sedation dentistry, choose a dentist you can trust. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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