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Sedation Dentistry in Lakeway

Helps Patients Feel Comfortable

How long has it been since you last saw the dentist? Unfortunately, that is not such an easy question to answer for some people. Their dental fear or anxiety is so pronounced that they would rather endure pain, infection, or an unattractive smile than sit in a dentist’s chair. There are a variety of reasons for dental phobia: frightful memories of a visit to the dentist, fear of the sharp instruments or the sounds in a dentist’s office, or claustrophobia. Whatever your circumstances are, Eaddy Dentistry offers three kinds of sedation dentistry to help patients overcome their fears and undergo the dental treatments they needs.

IV Sedation

Relaxed patient during dental care

For patients who require lengthy or complex procedures, IV sedation may be necessary. During this process, an appropriate level of sedative is delivered directly into the bloodstream. IV sedation, of course, provides the deepest level of relaxation and it is not uncommon for patients to sleep through treatment. While you are sedated, your vital signs are closely watched. At the conclusion of your appointment, the IV is removed and you are given plenty of time to rest and recover in the chair. Once again, you’ll need someone to drive you home and keep an eye on you for the rest of the day.

For more information about sedation dentistry, contact our office. Located in Lakeway, Texas, Eaddy Dentistry serves patients from Bee Cave, Steiner Ranch, Dripping Springs, Spicewood, Austin, and other communities in the area.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Relaxed man receiving dental care

For patients whose feelings are a bit more intense, there is oral conscious sedation. This level of sedation is perfect for those whose anxiety begins as they anticipate having to see the dentist. Dr. Winston or Dr. Daniel will prescribe a small sedative pill that you’ll take about an hour before your appointment. As the medication enters your system, you’ll probably begin to feel somewhat drowsy and very relaxed. With oral conscious sedation, some patients have trouble recollecting what happened during an appointment. This treatment requires having a responsible adult drive you to our office, remain here during your treatment, and take you back home.

Nitrous Oxide

Female dental patient with nitrous oxide mask

If you can describe your anxiety as mild to moderate—maybe you only feel a few butterflies as you lie back in the dentist’s chair—then nitrous oxide is probably the best choice for you. Also known as laughing gas, this form of sedation creates an overall feeling of bodily relaxation. Before Dr. Winston or Dr. Daniel begin treatment, a small mask is placed over your nose. Within seconds of inhaling the measured mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, you’ll begin to feel the effects. As soon as the mask is removed, the effects wear off so you can continue with your daily routine.